Technology Resources

To get a job done, ‘resources’ are something we need utmost. Seven types of resources are mainly used by any technological system: people, knowledge, materials, equipment and machines, energy, money, and effort. We will build a new opportunity in your product/business at FSG Apps & Tech to do a job with the introduction of trending technology that your clients need to do. Our customers include firms, research centres, and creative startups from around the world.

We provide comprehensive software and hardware for your business. Our apps and technical development solutions encompass:

We enable your company to perform trusted and secured transactions that are tamper- proof using blockchain technology, while removing the need for intermediary organizations such as financial institutions, banks, and so on. From Blockchain development, prototyping, consulting, testing, and implementation of business solutions, FSG Apps & Software provides you with a comprehensive Blockchain solution.

Our Technical Approach

We take a test-driven approach to developing automated applications, technologies, and software to ensure that the software module built meets all your unique requirements without any hindrances. We will provide full solutions for your business needs with tremendous knowledge and experience in the integration and deployment of all our services.


M-Commerce is the new e-commerce network, with mobile devices being the main online sales platform. FSG APPS & TECH are developing incredible m-commerce applications for Android/IOS to allow your company to benefit from a competitive advantage with a wider reach of the market.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Innovative enterprise mobility technologies combine the advantages of business efficiency, competitiveness, and profitability. FSG APPS & TECH develops powerful business apps that provide seamless communication between staff, partners, and customers.

Wearable Technology

Wearable technology has proliferated across vertical markets, such as healthcare, sports, business and more. At FSG APPS & TECH, we develop advanced custom applications to power high-tech wearables.


FSG APPS & TECH creates stunning location-based Android and IOS apps by harnessing the power of state-of-the-art technologies such as beacons, geo-location, and geo-fencing. From navigation to marketing campaigns for m-commerce, such as location-based deals and alerts, these apps have a lot to offer.

Mobile Payment Technology

Mobile has been the newest tool to make safe online transactions. Our expert developers specialize in developing stable mobile payment and transfer applications. FSG APPS & TECH ensure that consumers are able to process payments in an effortless manner.


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are innovations that are making a revolution in mobile app space. These innovations have gone beyond the apps of entertainment. We capitalized on AR and VR to build outstanding applications for the e-commerce, retail, healthcare, and education sectors.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is perhaps the biggest technological breakthrough of the present time, and we are making the best use of this technology through FSG APPS & TECH expert developers to build IoT-based Android & IOS applications such as home and industry automation solutions.

Artificial Intelligence

Our experienced professionals also have knowledge of the new Artificial Intelligence technologies. We leverage technology to add chatbots and smart messaging to the apps. These apps have a tailored user interface to catch user interest.

Cloud-Driven Apps

Cloud technology has transformed the way we work, and mobile apps have also changed. FSG APPS & TECH creates powerful apps that fetch data directly from the cloud rather than clutter your internal memory.