Best Platform to Prefer for App Development – iOS or Android?

Best Platform to Prefer for App Development – iOS or Android?

As per the study by Statista, the world's digital population in 2021 is 4.99 billion, of which 4.32 billion alone are mobile users. Almost half of the world lives the day through the internet during the pandemic holding on to their smartphones – a valid reason for businesses becoming more app-centric now. But in 2022, the best platform to use in iOS or Android is uncertain until various factors are discussed, especially a mobile app development company in Dubai often faces this question from the Startups as they are concerned about developing cost. So, here we go.

Look Into the Market Share of iOS and Android Platforms

Statista reports 97.6% of people in the UAE use smartphones. The market share of Android is 73.01%, while iOS is 26.63%, according to the study carried out in 2021.

The number of Android devices in the global market from various brands is high, whereas Apple is the only sole operator of iOS platforms. However, there are more in-app purchases only in the Apple store. Android developing company in UAE consider the demographic of your target audience and develop the best android apps for your business.

Focus on Monetization Goals

The answer is usually-Both! Let's look into what these two platforms offer in reach and revenue points of view. iOS is the best platform to use for In-app purchases, subscription-based apps, freemium offerings and enjoy the likelihood of monetization advantage. On the other hand, android app users are more, and the reach is high, hence more app downloads. If you are targeting Northern America or Western Europe, you can develop your app from the best iOS developing company in UAE for lucrative revenue without a single doubt.

iOS users make more in-app purchases when compared to Android users. As per Statista, the app revenue from in-app purchases in the Apple store has crossed 85 billion US dollars in 2021. At the sametime, 98% of app revenue around the globe comes from free apps.

Number of App Downloads

Best Platform to Prefer for App Development – iOS or Android?

The answer is Yes! For any entrepreneur, one of the main goals is to achieve more app downloads. Statista report suggests that there are 8.1 billion app downloads in the Apple Store, and Google's Play Store has accomplished a whopping 26.6 billion in the 3rd quarter of 2021. When you ask the best platform to use in 2022 is iOS or Android in terms of app downloads, it is Android.

Thoughts on Your Target Consumer

Best Platform to Prefer for App Development – iOS or Android?

In general, you can classify consumers under age group, gender, income, etc. Consider these while you approach an iOS developing company in UAE, as they play a major role in deciding the app platform for your business domain and industry. For example, if it is for the technically sound audience Android is the best choice, whereas your target audience is between the age group 18-25, it is better to develop your app for the iOS platform. However, the other factors also come into play before fixing on this.

How Do the Design Preference, Development Timeline and Cost Affect?

App Design : There is no better app design between iOS and Android, the user experience relies on developer skills rather than the platform.

App Development Time : iOS development consumes less time than Android as there are only a few devices to make the app compatible to, and apparently, it is not the case with Android.

App Development Cost : More than the platform, it depends on the programming language in developing the app. Seek for better quality-price ratio to build best apps for Android and iOS platforms.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, the best platform to use is iOS or Android in 2022 depends on several aspects like geography, audience, device/app market share, number of app downloads and not to miss the purpose and goal of your app. If you still cannot settle in, you can consult with a Top application development company in UAE Dubai, so that you will get to know which platform will benefit you in the long run based on your business goals. However, the app development cannot be compromised for a platform, hence both Android & iOS should be considered while you develop your mobile application.