Top web development trends for 2022 and beyond

Top web development trends for 2022 and beyond

Gone are the days that building a website for your business was just a norm. Websites have become a full-fledged business medium and can communicate with customers most effectively. Thanks to the evolving technology around the web development in the past few years. By updating and leveraging the top web development trends for 2022, a web development company in UAE can build the most competitive websites for clients.

Progressive web apps

A front-end technology called progressive web apps (PWA) took over the year 2021, and it will continue to be the top web development trends for 2022 and beyond for so many authentic reasons. PWAs are robust and work on advanced APIs. These platform-specific apps are fully native and provide app-like user experiences and work on any device with a single code base.

Translates to businesses as:

  • Excellent user experience
  • Launch the app faster
  • Faster page loading
  • Indexable for google search, unlike native apps
  • Mobile-first strategy is covered
  • Supported by major browsers like Google, Firefox, and Opera

Some of the major brands like Starbucks, Spotify, Uber, BMW switched to the progressive web app to increase their online performance, and as per the PWA reports , PWA gets more engagement and increased conversion rates. The best web designing company in UAE build progressive web apps that are browser-friendly, network independent, responsive, and secure that the Start-ups and SMEs in the region can benefit hugely.

Single page application (SPA)

SPA is one of the web technologies that stay on top web development trends for 2022 as they are responsive too. The whole application runs on a single webpage making the navigation easy for the users. The data is downloaded and updated without reloading the page every time. SPA becomes SEO friendly with proper server configuration.

SPAs are sought for:

  • Scalability
  • Easy maintenance
  • Less bandwidth usage
  • Faster page loading

A top web development company in Dubai says that apart from the technical differences, PWA and SPA are almost similar in providing an enhanced user experience. The app is always are scalable and extremely mobile-friendly and in a world where people use mobile devices to access the internet are increasing day by day, SPA is a great choice for data-centric websites. The most popular applications you use in daily life like Gmail, Google Maps, Netflix, Pinterest are SPA only.

AI and Chatbots

Top web development trends for 2022 and beyond

AI-powered chatbot is one of the top web development trends for 2022 and beyond, as the businesses can enhance their customer experience and gather fine-grained and tangible insights about customer shopping behaviour and improve user experience as per several parameters.

NLP and Machine Learning are breakthrough technology in customer service mediums like websites and are expected to evolve and the businesses can tap to the unlimited potentia AI offer a more personalized experience through voice chat, text chat, predictive search engines, etc.

Motion UI

Today the marketing targets millennials and Gen Z who wants an immediate connection with the web page or else the bounce rate will become high.There are several ways to make a website creative appearance-wise and also functionally.

Top web development trends for 2022 and beyond

Motion UI technology with new elements like SaaS Library has enhanced its capacity through multiple platforms and devices. A beautifully designed website with an attractive user interface (UI) with animations always gain momentum and make the visitors engage longer rather than an old-fashioned static website.

Serverless Architecture

The ultimate goal of any technology is speed, innovation and simplifying the processes. Cloud resources provide serverless architecture and prevent system overloading and data loss. It makes website development more flexible and scalable. Affordable web development company in UAE Dubai adapts to serverless architecture to save the development cost for the clients.

As third-party cloud services, many companies leverage Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS) and IBM Cloud, formerly known as Bluemix, to name a few. The serverless ecosystem has the fullest potential to be the top web development trend for 2022 and beyond.

The above-discussed technologies will be the top web development trends. However, dark mode UIs and Accelerated mobile pages (Google AMP) are also gaining popularity as they establish seamless and enhanced user experience in a website.